it's true

Even though I'm something of an old hand on the slut farm, I still sometimes read Scarleteen, learn a bit, and think about how much I love these people and want to give them all a giant hug.

Honorable mention: Deal With It! by the lovely folks at was my bible for everything in junior high and high school.

I'm tempted to say that resources like these are some of the most valuable things out there creating healthy, happy sexual people out of the nervous messes most of us were as adolescents-- and some feminists to boot!  But then, before I ever got Deal With It! I had the junior versions of matter-of-fact books on female anatomy and how to not freak out and cry when you grow weird hair and start bleeding (full disclosure: I cried).  My mom bought me those books.  So actually I'd really just like to thank my mom.


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